Barley Writes: Dissecting what I seemed to have missed.


Apparently I’m as oblivious as a hibernating bear now. Well it serves me right for leaving a lot of things to work on my projects. Even my sister addressed me as a ghost once because i always hidden away in the confines of my room doing something while things would usually happen outside this cave i have placed myself in (The life of an introvert, isn’t it?).

Other than the fact that i have been familiarised with what my siblings think of me, i also think i might have missed a few people that were rather dear to me. A few months ago, i finished up what was left of my A-levels and as I left, I left a number of the individuals that were close to me. Even though i have a rather small circle of friends and they seem to almost transmute into a new set of people almost every year, it seems this small circle of people made the greatest effect on me. I really wish I had the time to speak to each of them or at least, go out with them for the last time before we all part ways and the only way we could connect with each other would be either skype or facetime.

From me to you,

Lions are cool,



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