Barley Writes: Coping with Fear; An opressive mistress.


OR whatever you called your hunched over, asp bitten, dirt smitten self.

I request that you let my comrade, dreams, go.

She ponders at night wondering if your painful gaze would ever stop engraving her back,

She wonders when your lashes will even pause for she is at the verge of paralysis,

She cries, thinking that your venomous hands would molest her very being again,

She wails, expecting you to throw you insults all over again like shurikens from an eager howitzer,

She strives endlessly to move out from your imprisonment every single moment of her exsistence,

But it seems that you’ve kept her under you firm surveillance.

So I come and beg on behalf of my comrade in pain,

Please let her go

To see the light of hope again?


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