Barley Writes :An update about myself.

Good day readers!

I’m back again, like always, and I have gotten an update for you all. So, over the past six months, I’ve done some real growing and thinking and now it’s safe to say that I feel I’m ready to take this blog as well as everything that concerns my life seriously. Also, I have grown to understand where I stand and what I want from myself and others. The year is ending finally and I have gone through a lot of issues and problems and I have also gone through an equal number of good times with people around me and I really would like to thank God that I’m here to see the end of this year.

Besides the fact that I have grown to understand things more clearly, I have also been working on a number of things lately ranging from writing to art and over the next few posts on here, I would like to address these certain things I have been working on for the past four to six months. One of these projects includes writing a “Feelings journal” which are a number of written snippets of writings projecting my state of mind. I started this one mainly to get my feelings in check because bottling them all up would usually get me depressed or just sad in general and when I get sad I think and when I overthink, I get scared.

I hope all of your have a good day or night, (whichever is more suitable). And I hope that I will have the ability to post here more because I would love to hear from you all again.

From your favorite Blogger,

Always back at it again,



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