Barley Writes : Completion of prompts.

Hey, readers!

It feels like a century since I’ve been here. I realised that it was time for me to feel the warm embrace of literary inspiration and the expression of personal views and imagination.

However, my most recent WIP was rather problematic in the sense that I didn’t know how to continue or how to connect the various cuts of plots I have down in my mind. So I want to use this post to ask how I can continue or if I should continue at all.

Hope you like the opening paragraphs!

From me to you,


“I feel overwhelmed. my feelings, enigmatic. I lack the beautiful flow of lexicon that befittingly explains my emotion or there I say, my lack of it. The brave words that protrude seamlessly out of my mother’s mouth left me frozen in the blizzard of my own confusion, my desert of emotion, my inability to conceive conceptual views relating to the matter.

“Grandfather had passed on earlier this morning in his vineyard.he refused to acquire medical aid due to his fondness to his occupation and his lack of any negative symptoms.”” Be happy my child. Death is the ultimate battle everyone is bound to loose.” she said, endeavouring in uplifting my spirits with a poor choice of words.”


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