Barley Writes: His everlasting love for me.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord , thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

As a modern Christian, I feel it is rather saddening to see the state of individuals everywhere. The overall percentage of daily deaths have further increased, people are becoming more devious and senile when it comes to acting or being a person of good virtue, trust has fallen, people have become more hostile towards each other, life is harder, people are selfish and condescending, there are numerous ways by which evil could creep up silently behind us, and jump into our hearts and infuse itself into our thoughts making them condemned synapses and memories in our head. Even Christians loose faith. Their spirits bend and deteriorate into the silent sayings and persuasions of a small demon that walks beside us all, causing us to be submissive to the will and cause of evil. Despite the fact that we now experience newer ways and ideologies that would aid in our understanding and ministration of the Lord’s word, it isn’t just put into work or even used. All these things that we experience and loathe are the sins of the end times. Some scientists may say that the end of the earth would occur when the sun is ready to die, but other speculators suggest that it may happen in various ways unknown to us at the moment. From the looks of it, the end of the world as well as the total annihilation of the human race is unknown. The only things indicating the signs of this event as well as it occurring soon are available in the bible; the book of Revelations. I am not typing this because I want to tell you that the end is coming neither am I here to explain to you the process that may occur. I am present to tell you to take patronage in God. God cares not for your age, race, look, orientation, understanding or even anything that would make up a basic individual. He just needs you as yourself, he has loved us from the beginning of our lives on earth and he will love us till we die. The only problem we face is just that people do not give their lives to Christ, causing them to live a live of destitution and anguish. We should be able to give our lives to Christ as early as possible so God’s love may radiate perfectly and flawlessly in our live. God loves us and it would be rather unfair for us to not give Him love back. Loving God should never be a one way thing, it should always be symbiotic. Being a child of God does not always mean that one will live a life of excessive physical holiness and having yourself wear excessive clothing with the bible always in your palm so people would say “Ohh, he/she is a great Christian.” If we give our lives to Christ our behaviour changes in a way that we as people will understand what God needs from us and what we need from him. 

With God all our problems are solved and all our wants are satisfied. I hope after this you will understand what God wants and your eyes would be open to everything occurring presently in your surroundings.

Love and Peace,

May the Lord be with you,

See you another day,



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