Barley writes: Questions from a confused lover.

I considered the fact that I haven’t really written or called my mind out for any action fit to make me suffer from writer’s block, so I decided to do this. It is supposed to highlight the confusions experienced by a new found lover as love is not always an assured state. I hope you see this post as adequate or even more than that.

Live merry,


Should we?

I don’t know.

I feel reminiscent of the times I would hold myself in place,

Of the times before Jove’s arrow smote my face.

I was impervious to emotion,

Like a newly born Pheonix to a candle’s flame.

My heart awoken by the blared eyed fellow,

Had taken the hit from the love-dowsed arrow.

Now confusion wraths in my soul,

My heart is not at ease,

Neither is it in it’s place.

So, should we move on in Jove’s temporary curse,

Or set ourselves apart?

Should we?

I don’t know.


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