Barley’s Ramblings: The Infinite Universe

I don’t know much about anything when people talk about the universe but from what I hear, It’s a pretty endless abyss and it would be pretty shitty to get lost in it. But what about it’s “endless” characteristic? I don’t get how a void surrounding compilations of various galaxies would just be endless. I mean, it would have to have a corner, right?
Some scientists belive that within atoms, there are mini universes where things may be a little or totally different than what we see or hear here. If that universe is encapsulated in an atom, does that mean that we are in an atom? Or does it mean that there isn’t just one universe but many? Idk why I want to know but the need to aquire knowledge about this seems to be relevant. I have so many questions for it, like is there a balance between all the universes, if they are others, and if one gets destroyed, or at least vapourised, would the others fall and vapourise themselves? Or do universes just pop up at any given moment or are they just there since the birth of time and existence? Or does time only apply here? Or does the concept of time differ? And whyyyy, if I may ask, can we see so many stars but not planets? ( I guess the last question is an obvious one!)

Your very own blogger,
Peace be unto your bosom,
I need potatoes!



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