How do I love?

Love, a feeling that I possess.

She handicaps my vision, yet i see clearly.
She dulls my hearing, yet I listen to her till time ends.
She pumps pain into my heart, yet I obtain pleasure.
She confuses my brain, but I remain focused.
She makes me think of her endlessly but, want her in less than time itself.
She makes me weary, yet she strengthens me simultaneously.
She stops my heart, yet she makes it run faster.
She satisfies me, but she makes me want more.
She quenches my thirst, yet she makes me thirsty.
She fills the void of hunger, yet I yearn for more of her food.

She gives me the undying need to love her, but, I do not know how.
I fear the day she will leave,
And leave me as a desolate incomplete.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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