Life’s a game they said. Well this is a horrible game I don’t want to be involved in anymore.
I and my brothers had enemies. Enemies that were different. Our enmity was based upon the cognitive strategies of our leaders. We were duplicated, then crossed out when we were found together. Our deaths were seen to be the end of this brain – racking war, but it was still too soon to start again.
Myself, a negative, darkness, a sham, a wrong, an x. My enemy, a positive, a light, the truth, a right, an o. We battled on the white, flat divisions of squares and when we are duplicted, three delegates were to be sacrificed, then our leaders become joyous of their victories while we remain stuck on our battlefield, forced to mourn over the deceased.
Emancipation is non existent. We are to battle on many surfaces till the end of time. Those white squares, our prisons forevermore. And in those white squares we are forced to battle.

A game of X and O

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