By Winter’s Clouds

Sorry that I have been on some kind of hiatus for a few weeks now. I couldn’t balance my schoolwork and assignments with this my assignments proved to be more supreme at the time. So, I have prepared something to keep this blog going for some time. Or at least, a week.

Suspended within the clear ultramarine evening sky,

And encompassed by the unforgiving Arctic air,

Clouds of a peaceful demeanor hung, 

Like time had frozen itself.

They hung there with it’s body that seemed to be as soft

As a pillow who’s threads were spun with the web of a placid spider

And stitched with the purest of cotton from heaven.

And filled with the dreams of pleasures which were as innocent as a newborn.

The clouds’ colors, the purest of all kinds.

Whether white or dark grey,

No blemish existed on them.


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