Writing but not Writing

Day 9:

Writing but not writing

As a student, I usually don’t have the time to write or to post anything. And when I do, my mind goes on an endless conflict on what to write about. And when I’m not doing that, I draw or paint or just read books as I have just been reintroduced back to it after my terrible times with books in secondary school. Sometimes, I gain inspiration from abstract and physical things I see. Viewing things for their Beauty makes me think and I try to recreate the Beauty of what I have seen in a form that would satisfy the short lived, work hungry think beating around my head (which is inspiration).
What I would love to do is to partake in planting or the restoring the environment to it’s natural state as I despise the demonic, black smog of industrialisation. I would also love to travel or just go on a memorable adventure alone and with a few people. I would love to explore and not be isolated within a place I’m familiar with.
These things are the things that would provoke my imagination and inspiration into coming out.


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