A note to myself and I

In response to Writing 101’s daily prompt: write a letter

It’s me, you. I don’t even know how to begin or what to talk about. I should know myself but not fully. Have I become less indecisive? Do I know who to trust? I know by then you should know who you are and know what you are able to do. Do I have more talents? Have I known what to do and is what I want to do what I really want to do or what ‘wants’ want me to do?
Am I less confused? Am I less childish? Am I a person full of regret? Do I talk to people that leave me for society’s use? Do I have friends? Do I learn french, Japanese and yoruba? Do I become more fluent in art or in my speaking? And if I’m into both, am I coping well? Do I have a family of mine? Do I have a sweet beard? Do I have anything or everything? I am an avid naturalist? Do I treat people better? How’s my physique? Do I ever learn how to play the violin, piano and ukulele? Am I still childish on the inside? Do I ever find love? Do I believe in anything anymore? Is any part or me, either physical or mental, morbid? Am I still patriotic? Do I have an adventure? What do I do? Do I go into the farming business as a patener as I have always wanted to? Do I learn robotics? Do I have muscles? Do I still enjoy company?
These are the questions I have for myself, by myself, for myself to answer, and for I to experience. Myself and I as one…

Thank you,
And me,

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