An ideal setting

Day 6. For writing 101’s daily prompt: An ideal workplace.

Where I would consider as an ideal area for me to work is rather tasking as I have worked in countless areas and positions without complain.
However, I still believe that an ideal workplace should exist for me to write from inspiration and not just frustration or a sense of completion.
My ideal workplace should be rather quiet and should be a void of annoyances. I want an area where all my worries don’t mess up my thinking process. I just want a place that is totally serene.
Secondly, my area of work should be rather open to nature. The extent to which nature would exist should not be intense. It could be by an open window, exhibiting the wonders of a grassy field and where the warm light of the morning sun could reach out so as I am typing, everything flows out naturally.
I would like to work in an area where I could reach out and actually experience inspiration. Like working in the large cities of France at a coffee shop, sitting silently as look around for something to work on.
It might just sound really high maintenance of me to list out the places I would like to work in but anywhere is okay as long as the noise and atmosphere isn’t intoxicating.

Thanks for reading,

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