The long way home.

Day 3. In response to Writing 101’s daily prompt: One word inspiration.

I woke up, dry – mouthed in the empty void of a desert with no account of how I reached there, who escorted me there, or where the way was to home.
I slowly jerked my torso upwards, Thinking that I might be close to a nearby camping ground or at least an oasis. But the antagonizing winds of the desert pushed my body backwards into the sand, hoping I would rot away like any other hopeless being unable to find aid in her vast, coarse body. Luckily, a number of wanderers were in the distance, with their healthy-looking camels and their numerous sets and packs of water and food just hanging around their necks and in between the humps of the camels. Seeing this assured me that nature is not going to leave me helpless like any other dead person within her playground.
I though of advancing towards their direction but my legs were weak and full of unidentifiable scars of some event prior to my waking up in a desert. So playing dead was my only option, acting like a body suffering from severe thirst would be the only way I would get out of this predicament I found myself in. My reasons for this action however, where not thought of and it felt like that was the only answer to my issue.
The wanderers found me, laying helplessly on the sand and quickly placed me on one of the camels as they chose to return to their village because they thought I was dying. And in the process of this, I passed out.
I woke up two days later in a local hospital with a severe headache and minor joint pains. The local doctor approached me with her gleaming eyes and her wide, contagious smile and asked if I was alright. She walked towards my bed  and placed her warn palms on my forehead and chest. She then backed away slowly and sat down on the bed next to mine and explained how I got to her hospital and the information she learnt about me from the objects that were on me at the time. During her talk, I endeavored in lifting myself upwards but failed. She then stopped me and softly pushed me back into the bed, saying that I need more rest if I planned on returning back home because the distance was far and my weak body was unable to take it.
This made me sob quietly as I was on the bed. The reoccurring thought of returning home went through my mind and that was all I wanted for that brief, saddening moment.


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