Personal accounts- fear of jumping

Day 4. In response to Writing 101’s daily prompt: A story in a single image.

One fear that had itself reoccurring in my mind and cancelled out all forms of bravery was the presence of a large body of water. Jumping into it was a another level of bravery I had to possess!
The fear of jumping into water started a few years ago during a leadership training program I had to attend. One of the compulsory activities I had to partake in was to jump into a lagoon for reasons I do not even know and I do not want to know.
I was given a life jacket like anyone else and I was very sure it was accurately fastened. I and my set mates were told to stay in a line and one by one we jumbled into the black abyss they call a lagoon. After I jumped into that evil pool, my life jacket flew off! I was literally drowning and almost at the bridge of death when our so called “life” guard came to my rescue.
This experience had killed my ambitions of being conversant in the art of swimming. I’ve had fears even when I cross a bridge above a body of water.


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