A perfect day

Writing 101. Day 2:
Make a list.


A perfect day, I would love to experience
Is a day without strife,
A day without hunger,
A day without sickness,
A day without worries,
A day where I can see the morning sun over the yellow horizon,
A day where I can see the star lit skies surround the white moon,
A day where differences are thrown away,
A day without anger or hatred,
A day without the fears of the future,
A day without my difficulties,
A day without envy or jealousy,
A day when everything is adequate.
A day without failure
Only filled with success.
A day where nature thrives and exists in abundance.
The day where I shall wait to see.

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  1. Kathy · November 3, 2015

    Nicely done. This would be a great day.


  2. Anne Gordon · November 12, 2015

    If we can only have part of that day, it is wonderful. Beautifully written


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