Perfect treats -Personal accounts.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat.

If I had the chance to have any treats, I would have an endless conflict on what would be appropriate for me at that time and space. Personally, treats to me range from delicacies known for their “majestic tastes” to just some time alone to myself of with my close and personal friends.

Sometimes, I would love to taste the wonderful sweetness of a macaroon. Ohh, macaroons, how I love them so (even though I have never tasted the good expensive ones before). Or a taste of a Christmas chicken meal glazed in natural, brownish-red, barbecue sauce with a side of fried plantains and a perfect sandwich (with no cheese- I hate cheese). Or even the wonderful delicacies Nigeria has to offer. You know, a thick, soft and warm helping of eba sided with the sweet smell and presence of vegetable soup. Then to top it off, the full body of fried fish. Ok, I feel hungry now so I’ll move away from the “food” scene.

Another treat I would love is just to play sports with my favorite people, with our own rules and there is no one to judge you. Or just to move out to an open field, go go-carting, play online video games, or just talk very intimately with each other and talk about issues normal people would be oblivious to.

All these treats make me feel sad now about my present state. Now I want to go out!!!🙁☹️☹️

What does a treat mean to you?

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