Inspiration come to me!

I’m dealing with a deadly case of artist’s block. I don’t know what to do. Should I continue what is going to die off soon or start out fresh out of the box then end it as life goes on. My mind is a complete blur, nothing but blurry images on what I want to do. However, blurry images do not clear out until an aid is rendered. 

I stand here before this white screen constantly needing my thoughts to be written and my expressions, explained. But if there are no thoughts or expressions, wouldn’t this white screen remain white? Wouldn’t there be nothing but a faint blemish of an order pushing me to do something?

These are my questions to inspiration.

Why do you leave me behind? 

Am I not worth your gifts?

Am I useless to you?

All these questions are the only thing going on in my head.

Constantly spinning with no end.

Until my savior visits me again.

(This is all I’ve got for the past two days😑😑😑)


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