A teenager’s plight 

This is my first short story/prose. I felt kinda pleased with the outcome and I hope you people out there think it is pleasing also.

Waking up every school day was one dilemma I experienced during my lifetime. I go to school meeting the same old narcissistic “popular girls” always on their snapchats and other social networking apps, huge and probably individual-oblivious “jocks” and those others placed in between. Then, there’s us ; you know that insignificant 5% of  the whole school hierarchy. Yes, I was one of them. Going through classes everyday was one hell of of a drive through the valleys of ignorance. 

Teachers constantly reminiscing about “the times of their humorous youth” and how “actions can lead to a negative outcome and the steps of constantly being submissive to senseless laws”. Ughh! Why?! My soul cannot take enough of this. 

At least I got my five percent next to me during classes so we can talk about serious issues (we talk about nothing but video games). We would sit together on the same table during lunch and communicate about how people are so, and I quote, “stupid” and how those “seniors” got nothing on our combined intellect. These people make these things I go through everyday quite easy.

To be continued…


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