Barley Writes: Midnight Crazies!

This is self explanatory… My love of dogs have apparently deepened to the extent that most of the things I draw assume the forms of these creatures. It’s kinda making me a little crazy. And yeah, haven’t spoken for a while. Apparently, I lost the interest of writing in general so everything about writing has […]

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Barley Writes: Monotonous 

Silence, And anguished soul emerging from the depths of darkness, It pirouettes upwards, Ricochets off the atoms dowsed by unleavened darkness, Dives headfirst into the light, Permeates through my skin, Dulls my senses, Metamorphoses my thoughts to some into dreams of utopia, Smiles maniacally at my hopelessness, and watches my troubles unfold in an akimbo.

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Barley Writes: Think of what will.

I think of the days that I would grow senile, Excessively orthodox, Archaic and ancient, Stained with shallow orfices around my face, Waiting for a glimpse of an angel’s encompassing embrace, My smile with more geography than most maps, My strut with more stops that the Crimson red light could give before it’s emancipation, My […]

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